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Hello. Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. here to show you the installation of the personal URL Shortener service and blog. But first I would like to review the operating systems for hosting plans. Most of the free applications that can be used to automatically create a website is the Linux OS. Linux is assembled under the model of free and open software and is wonderful for its free applications. Windows OS system is the other option that can be selected for a hosting plan. Each has its benefits and draw backs. Windows does not enjoy the same array of free applications that are available to users. Always check that the applications you’re interested in are supported by the OS you choose
To do this, we will view the catalog of free applications that are available to hosting plans. I am interested in two applications; one WordPress and the second, YOURLS. Here we see WordPress, just click on learn more. Under the hosting plan requirements we see that WordPress is supported by both Windows and Linux OS. Continuing the search for YOULS, scroll down the listing until it appears. Click on learn more, and we see under the hosting plan requirements that YOURLS is only supported by Linux. In my experience, Linux supports the vast majority of free applications. The OS for my Ultimate hosting plan is Linux.
OK. Let’s sign in. Go to Web Hosting. Under the Options & Settings, WordPress is right up front. I am going to install WordPress since it is convenient. My root domain is Now remember, the subdomain was installed pointing to its own folder. As we can see there are no subdomains listed in the dropdown menu. So I will install WordPress in its folder in the bGoogly root. For a username I will choose Johnnie2u. It is important to have a secure password. Go to EverPasssword generator to generate a secure password. I will use thirteen characters consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuations. Notice that the security level of the generated password, the box is dark green and filled to the end. Now copy, cut and paste.
The WordPress installation is complete. Let’s go to to see our new WordPress website. Perfect! The fresh installation of WordPress is now ready to be customized into the website you see now before you. Now to install my personal URL shortener under my private label   From the More dropdown menu, I will select applications. Select all and scroll down to YOURLS. Select install. We are installing YOURLS directly to’s root folder. So we can select from the drop down menu. There is no need to add a directory. I will use my favorite admin username Johnnie2u. As before, go to EverPassword and generate a secure password. For YOURLS, use only eight characters. YOURLS will not accept long character passwords. Copy, paste and click OK to install YOURLS.
YOURLS has now been installed. Let’s take a look at As you can see, there is an under construction page for the index. This is because YOURLS is installed behind the scene of the website. This makes it perfect for a CSS or HTML website. The format of a website installed in the root must not require an .htaccess file. This would conflict with YOURLS .htaccess file. Since I installed my website on the subdomain, I will put in a simple META redirect to my WordPress site. Let’s take a look at YOURLS. Go to the admin folder for Login and here is my personal URL Shortener with my private label Thank you and happy URL shortening!
Video Transcripts

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