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Hello! Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. here to show you how to attach your new three character domain to your hosting and install your private URL shortening service and blog. It is best practice to install a website with your personal URL shortener since your new domain name will be getting traffic from all over the Web. Since you shorten long URLs with your private label, your three character domain will be in front of thousands of eyes, possibly millions of people. If you belong to many social networking websites, that many more people will see your private label. People will follow your domain back to its source to see if they can get the same service or simply out of curiosity. And you will have a most wonderful website waiting for them.
OK, let’s get started. Planteen Host is my hosting provider. I have the Ultimate hosting plan; unlimited websites, space, and bandwidth. I also have unlimited email accounts. That means I will always have email accounts for my three character domain. Your private label URL shortener also has your personal and business email accounts. There is also a one-click mobile site attached to the account, so my website is browsable on mobile devices if I choose to use this feature. Other Freebees include Premium DNS, Malware Scanner, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP from $ 8.61 a month.
Logging into my account, I want to check on my new domain and that it is ready to be added to the hosting account. Just launch the domains window. I chose as my private label for my personal URL shortening service. I see it listed right on top with active status. It is ready to be added to my Unlimited hosting plan. Clicking on the hosting tab, we come to the hosting control panel. The hosting control panel is very easy to navigate and intuitive in design.
Let’s click on Hosted Domains and add to the hosting plan. As you see there are several domain names hosted with the Ultimate hosting plan. We are going to add and give it is own folder. This is very important since many URL shortener installations require their own .htaccess. For this reason, WordPress cannot be added to the same folder. However, if you do want to add a website directly to this folder in addition to the URL Shortener scripts, use a simple HTML website. Personally, I desire a WordPress site for As a work around, I will install a subdomain with its own folder so the .htaccess files will not conflict.
In adding the subdomain, I will follow the tradition of using the minimum number of characters to keep the subdomain short in length. In no way will the subdomain play a role in shortening longer or lengthy URLs. The subdomain is installed ideally so the .htaccess files of WordPress are separate from the .htaccess of the URL shortener. Even better, the folders are not nested, one inside the other, but entirely separate altogether. For the subdomain I am going to add a single character b.
OK. The subdomain b has been added to the Ultimate Hosting account and now we are ready to install the URL shortening service and blog. I will see you in the next video.
Video Transcripts

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