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Hello, I am Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. I am here to help you create your own personal URL shortening service. This is your own private service that will never expire or go out of business. As we know, URL shortening services expire after a length of time or the service simply goes out of business. We want the shortest possible URL for posting to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Having your own service means that you start shortening your lengthy URL’s with a single character and all custom links are yours.
The first step in creating your private URL shortening service is to find a domain name that is in itself short. Single and double character domains have long been purchased by investors. However, three character domain names are still available and a nice investment for the future. There will be a time when these will no longer be available as well. To start our domain name search let’s go to Sweep Judge. Sweep Judge is a random number service.
As you can see, there are many uses for random number generators; promotional giveaways, raffles and even the sweepstakes. For our purposes, we are going to use their string generator to find a three character domain name.
The string generator uses N to insert a random digit and L to insert a random letter. You can arrange the combination in any format you choose. We will not need S since our domain name will not contain any symbols. I am going to choose the pattern LLN to generate some possible domain names. You will not need to generate more than ten records at a time. We will be doing a bulk registration search with twenty-three top-level domains or (TLDs). More than ten records will push the search engine beyond its capabilities. OK, now that we have generated three character strings, let’s find out if they are available for registration.
My domain registrar is Planteen Host. Domain registration is inexpensive and the quality of support is excellent. Using the menu under domain names, click on bulk registration. Paste the three character strings into the search box. Now check the search all TLDs to maximize our chances of finding a domain name to register. Fill in the captcha and go. It takes just a moment for the results to appear. In the results we do have a number of three character domains that are available for registration. Two character TLDs are most desirable since they make a shorter URL; TLDs such as, .us .co and .nl.
To register your domain for your private URL shortening service, remove all the domains added to the shopping cart. Now enter the single domain in the bulk registration box. This saves you time in unchecking what could be hundreds of results. Now simply add the domain to your shopping cart. Thank you and I will see you in the next video.
Video Transcripts

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