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My name is Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. I privately hold is a private label URL shortener service (USS). I used third party services like everyone else. The use of public USS unraveled. Expired links, lack of trust do to spamming, malware linking, and almost zero branding opportunities left me looking for answers. Now I run my own USS. It’s fun and secure.

Private Label Tutorial

I am dedicated to helping others develop their own private label URL shortener service (USS). My step-by-step video tutorial will help you set up your own private label USS quickly and easily. Operating your own URL shortener is a necessity. Branded trustworthy links for your customers, friends and family. A better way to add value to a great brand and generate traffic.


All the relevant services and applications in the video tutorial are included on the resource page. They are the same services and applications used to operate Some additional resources are included for setting up a fabulous looking website quickly and easily. And resources to add functionally to your browser for easy URL shortening. Enjoy and thank you.

What makes different to everybody else?

Welcome to my private label URL shortener service (USS) When customers, friends and family see, they know it’s safe to click the link. Link trust is built on honesty and reputation. Security and privacy issues arise when a public USS is used to generate targeting URLs for scam and malware pages, spyware distribution and shock sites. Public USSs is also known to track user behavior across the Internet. In other words, public USSs has a name on their statistics. All analytics gathered by is strictly anonymous; much like Google Analytics. Private label also means private brand. Long URLs are shortened with the ai9 domain, not tinyurl, goo or owl. That means the shortened URL is completely branded at the domain Level. Public USSs have been advertising their business simply by having people shorten their long URLs with their domain and spreading them across the Internet for everyone to see. Most people are unaware of this marketing ploy that draws attention to their service. Like McDonalds, claims over a billion long URLs have been made usable. Providers such as HootSuite do offer custom/vanity URLs for $49.99 a month. However, the user still suffers from privacy issues and a large bill. By comparison, building and running cost $ 2.85 a month. I have privacy; I own the data, brand and enjoy link trust. What a difference!

Private Label

Also called a private brand, the brand is owned by myself, Johnnie J. O’Dell Jr. Shortened links are used in messaging technologies under my own label

Branded Email's email brands the USS as a signature platform. Emails using the domain adds to the professionalism promoting its website, business, products and services.

Link Trust's link trust is built on reputation. Trust is connected to identity, brand and the culture of the Web. will always ensure the highest level of access through its links.

Traffic Generation is a direct traffic multiplier. Private label USS in messaging technologies and sharing is a curio. People will explore the domain to use the same service or simply out of curiosity.